Tailor made


UVD Group specializes in creating tailor made
cyber solutions for unique clients.

No two clients are the same. As such, no two
solutions can be the same. We tailor every
product suit to fit you, and design it how you
want it to be.

From creating custom applications for your daily
activities, to engaging in red team exercises – We
do it all.

Home & Office

Protecting you where it matters most. 

Laptop hardening

Your trustworthy workhorse goes with you everywhere you go. We make sure it stays loyal to you

Guidance and secure behavior training

Most attacks start from user error. We help you mitigate and stop this problem

Creating an ecosystem

around YOU​

Solutions for every aspect of life: from protecting your data at home to creation of a safe mobile environment – and everything in between.

Our Promise

Your go-to in cyber security services

Personal Service

We offer a personal service, focused on the client and their needs. Offering only VIP services allows us to focus all of our efforts on a selection of high-demand clients

Discretion is a core value of UVD Security, keeping your
data safe


Tailored Solutions

Our products are tailored to fit the client, and no two solutions are the same. This tailor-made user experience allows for a smooth user adaptation

We will produce custom solutions wherever requested

Our Team

Comprised of Israeli cyber units’ alumni, our team offers years of experience in cybersecurity in real-world scenarios from numerous cyber and physical operations and projects.

We have expertise in a wide variety of fields in the cybersecurity world, deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, and experience in creating tailored solutions for special scenarios. 

You need the best there is to offer – and we offer it.

Yehonatan Melech


Former red team specialist, analyst team leader and a tech lead for HUGINT operations in the Israeli Intelligence Community.

With vast real-world experience in tailor-made solutions for special operations, Yehonatan is the person you can trust your security with. 


We have a burning passion to create solutions for unique situations and needs. Thriving to create real value for our clients, and not another product just like any other on the market.

With our specialties and high emphasis of discretion, made second nature after years of service, we understood that our forte is creating custom solutions for high value clients. 

If you are the kind of person who has the need for special solutions, and needs the discretion with it – we are here for you

Example Products

Off-the-shelf products offered to our clients.

Consider this an aperitif. Use those examples to figure out where we can help you.

UVD Secure Chat

A secure messaging application, hidden from your device’s application list – offering protection against physical access attacks.

Chat logs are encrypted and hidden, with different variants for different clients – knowledge of one variant will not grant adversaries access to the others.

Home & Office Security​

We offer a thorough checkup of your home and office environment. Built especially for smart homes, we define a specific threat model for each client and secure where it matters most to you.


International Travel Protection​

International travel may raise some data protection concerns, from open WIFI links to unauthorized physical access to your computer.

Our Secure Travel Appliance allows you to travel with a clear mind, knowing adversaries can not access your devices remotely. Use public WIFIs or a mobile connection – we got your back.

Long Term Partnerships

Rather than creating a product and moving on
we focus on creating partnerships with our clients​

Getting to know the client better for a while allows for better solution development​

Design and create tailor-made apps based on your ongoing needs and requirements

Provide recurring checkups and assessments, making sure your needs are met all around

Service Lifecycle​

Our services are made with a long term partnership in mind, allowing us to design our solutions for the long run. 

The service lifecycle revolves around routine checkups, solving problems as they arise and re-evaluating how they suit your needs and lifestyle along the way.




What's Next

Let's Talk Dugri.

Schedule a consulting meeting and tailor a suite of products fit for your needs, including a thorough plan of action that will be presented to you shortly after.


UVD Stands for uniqueness, value, and discretion.
We create unique solutions for unique clients,
offering the highest value possible with no compromise on discertion.


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